There is no one alive...

who is youer than you.

Merry Mary, Quite Contrary
you can call me mary. i'm 23. i live near seattle. i work nearly full time at a grocery store as a self-checkout attendant, cashier, and sometime cart wrangler. i'm blonde hair, blue eyed, and quite a bit bigger than i oughta be. i'm a member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, typically referred to as the mormon church. i'm also conservative when it comes to politics. but don't let either deter you from me. we all come from different walks of life. mine may just be very different from yours, but there's no reason to hate someone because they think differently than you. ♥ that's how i feel, atleast.

music: all american rejects, the killers, paramore, flyleaf, mormon tabernacle choir, josh groban, vanessa carlton, michelle branch, boys like girls, superchic(k), relient k, spice girls, third eye blind, R.E.M., the fray, taylor swift, miley cyrus, etc., etc...

books (non-manga): twilight, harry potter, enchanted forest chronicles, tortall books, woman in the wall, ella enchanted, stuff by robin mckinley, etc.

movies: twilight, ten things i hate about you, princess diaries, cinderella, ever after, spiderman, mulan, sleeping beauty, nana, she's all that, kamikaze girls, shrek, moulin rouge, etc.

manga: fruits basket, ouran, tail of the moon, high school debut, skip beat, trc, shiawase kissa sanchoume, special a, gakuen alice, merupuri, vb rose, nosatsu junkie, etc.

hobbies: driving, listening to music, daydreaming, stalking co-workers, photoshop

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