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There is no one alive...
who is youer than you.
15th-May-2015 10:54 pm - Friends Only Post
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♥ This Journal is Friends Only. ♥

Some things before you add me...Collapse )
13th-Jan-2011 10:34 pm - ... here we go again.
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So I had a slight nervous break down this morning on my way to school about my weight. Because of this, I decided I needed to try getting back to eating healthy like I did a couple years ago. But this time, I knew I would need help - staying motivated and figuring out what to do with school and work.

I ended up signing up for Weight Watchers online. I have a few friends who've done it and have had success. My mom has suggested it in the past. So I have decided to give it a try.

My biggest obstacles are my schedule which can some times make eating well difficult and my problems with portion control. The portion control idea is a biggie. I enjoy seconds (and thirds) on many of my mother's dishes. I'm going to have to learn how not to reach for more after I've finished eating. I also need to learn how to decide whether or not I'm satisfied.

One of the other issues I face is that my stomach always bothers me. My usual solution is to eat. It never works, but I feel like I'm doing something helpful (instead, it's completely counterproductive). So I'm going to have to work on getting my reflux back under control. If going back on prilosec doesn't help the situation, I'll have to talk to my doctor about it when I go to see her soon. I'm considering seeing a gastroenterologist, since I haven't seen one since I was diagnosed with acid reflux over 10 years ago. It's probably high time I go see one again, but this time, not at Children's.

Since I haven't seriously worked out in awhile, I'm going to start easy by just going out on walks. I'm also going to buy a book on yoga for bigger people (it's really hard to do yoga when it's geared towards someone who doesn't have a belly getting in their way!).

Anyway, it'll be interesting trying to fit this in with studying and work. I'm skeptical, but I'm willing to try. ^^
23rd-Nov-2010 10:19 am - I don't know but...
happy cloud
whenever I go to type something in the address bar, http://www.thesitefights.com always comes out first. XD Old habits die hard.
19th-Sep-2010 04:36 pm - Japan :)
happy cloud
Okay, I'm placing this here because facebook hates HTML.

This is to donate money to help send me trip to Japan so I can study for a month in intensive Japanese courses and volunteer.
The trip will cost me about $5500, which is about a fifth of my yearly income (oh dear, now you know how much I make)... or well, atleast a fifth of what I made last year. School has made it so I get less hours at work, so I'm making less this year.
The trip amount includes airfare, tuition, food, boarding, and travel around japan. :) If you donate anything, I'll send you something from Japan. ;) Promise!
I will be coming up with other fundraising ideas (including saving money, OF COURSE).

I hate asking for money, but this is a LOT of money to raise. XD I will be paying for the majority of it, but I have to pay off my credit cards (thankfully there isn't alot! Those will be paid off by the end of the year) and my chiropractor. I'll save up enough to also pay for my car while I'm in Japan. XD Too bad I can't bring it with me!

The program I plan on going on is put on by http://www.genkijacs.com - Genki Japanese and Cultural School. I'll be going for 4 weeks and hopefully living in a dormitory or a shared apartment in Fukuoka Japan. :)
It's highly rated and is decently priced (other programs cost $4000 just to study, that didn't include getting to Japan or anything else).

:) I'm up to any other suggestions to raise money. Maybe I should host a Japanese Night fundraiser. XD That isn't a bad idea. Maybe I'll come up with a plan for that. :)

I -really- want to do this. It's a break from my studies at home in Business, but since my dreams are to teach in Japan and open a Manga cafe... being proficient in Japanese is a pretty good idea!
1st-Jul-2010 10:49 am - so dead.
twins bah
I have 3.14 in my bank account. But since I worked 40 hours last week, a lot more shall be put in there tomorrow. Yay. Gonna try hard NOT to spend it. I am also working a lot this week. I started at nearly 29 hours scheduled, but will end up with 36 (unless I get extended tomorrow, then maybe more).

I cashiered yesterday, and I'm feelin' it. My shoulders are really sore. I'm at self-checkout the rest of the week. SCO is a lot more boring than being a cashier. However, I'm so more used to it now. I forget things when I cashier. I forget to ask customers if they have an FM Rewards card. I forget that I have a coin dispenser and will sometimes get coins from my drawer instead. XD LOL.

I'm closing tonight and Saturday and tomorrow I'm the "mid closer". Meaning I do the 5:30-9:30 shift.

All this work means no time to work on my business plan. It doesn't help that my parents are also out of town. So I've been sleeping in their room, because it's at the top of the stairs. That way, if my grandmother needs anything during the night, I can hear her. My bedroom is at the other side of the house from the stairs, so it'd be difficult to hear her if I'm dead asleep.

I'm super tired. I don't know if it's cuz I stayed up late, but I know I got enough sleep. And my cat didn't try to wake me up this morning. She's been pretty good at not waking me up, but yesterday was funny. I would open my eyes and there'd she be on the other side of the bed just staring at me like "Is she awake yet?" and she'd come over to me and bump me with her head. Then I'd go back to sleep and she'd leave me alone until I'd open my eyes again. It was funny. She wanted fresh water. XD She's picky about her water.

Anyway, I'm gonna go be lazy. XD BYE.
26th-Aug-2009 06:08 am(no subject)
happy cloud
Going back to work for the first time since I got my teeth out. My mouth is still pretty much kickin' my arse right now. It probably shouldn't be hurting this bad still. I'm a little worried that it might be getting infected. So I'm going to try to eat as soft stuff as possible and keep it as clean as possible. ;o; It's a pain. I've also got a little baggie of goodies (aka drugs) to take while I'm at work minus the vicodin. But I've got some rapid release tylenol that should help. :D
3rd-Mar-2009 08:43 pm - Small Friends Cut
happy cloud
It was just some house-cleaning of those who haven't posted for a year or so. Those of you who post on a relatively regular basis are completely safe. I also kept some people that I know offline that haven't posted for awhile, just in case I can ever convince them to come back (though I can talk to them offline and on facebook).

Those who I deleted, if you come back, lemme know and I'll re-add you. I'll miss many of whom I took off, but it'll be nice to have the "space" to add more friends in the future.

4th-Feb-2009 08:49 am - to all the new people;;
happy cloud
There seems to have been an onslaught of people adding me lately without commenting on my friends only entry. The only way I'll add back is if you comment there (or here) and explain why you've decided to friend me. If it's ONLY because you like my icons, I will not friend you back. While I'm completely flattered, you can friend my icon journal, merrychildicons instead.

If it's just because we share the same interests in manga and anime, be wary. I rarely talk about them. Sometimes I do, but very rarely. I usually talk about mundane things like work and family life. My entries are usually quite long winded. I'm really shy offline, so I let that energy I don't use for talking offline here on livejournal. And while I've decided to keep my mouth shut and try to give certain individuals the benefit of the doubt, I am quite the conservative. So if you can't handle my entries on my religion or... on a big rarity, my politics, then please, don't be angered if I don't friend you back.

Many of you have added me recently, don't have much in your profiles for me to go on. I realize you may be new to Live Journal. The best way to find friends on Live Journal is to have a good profile. Or atleast, something people can go off of. Build up your interests and write something about yourself in the bio section, even you don't think there's much to write about. What do you like to do? What books do you like? What character relationships to you ship (if you're into that kind of thing)? Post color bars or find memes of kinds to post up. You can also find people who have cool layouts for your profile and apply them to yours.

Join communities of interests of yours. Then find people in there, after talking to them and finding like interests, and befriend them. There are even communities DEVOTED to finding new friends. They're great places to go and find people who share your interests.

So, if you still want to be my friend, let me know and let me know why. I'm happy to make new friends. I just don't want to start any drama if you don't like what I talk about sometimes.

Have a several awesome days~! ♥
19th-Nov-2008 04:10 pm - Soundtrack of my life....
happy cloud

I've done this before, but this is soo much fun! XD Stolen from harmon_rook.

1. Put your iPod on shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Tag 10 friends who might enjoy doing the meme as well as the person you got the meme from.  (I don't really do tagging.  Do it if you want to!)

THIS IS MY LIFE...?Collapse )

25th-Sep-2008 10:49 am(no subject)
happy cloud
3 days down, 3 more to go. :p I work 11:30-8 today. I really want to go to bed, despite having slept nearly 10 hours last night.

They got us a new cigarette case on Tuesday after I left. I hate it. It looks really nice, but it's just a shelve like thing with really hard to open sliding glass doors and an annoying lock that requires a special weird looking key. Plus, Ryan, who restocked it, took away some of our more popular brands for some of our least popular brands (as in, ones we sell maybe once every other month versus ones I sale multiple per day). I'll have to fix that, since he usually parcels and doesn't know what we tend to sale or not at U-Scan. :p

And because I'm not obsessed, I finished New Moon for the third time yesterday. I'm going to have to read something else before I read Eclipse again. I think I'm going to read another book I've read a million times again, but one I haven't read in over a couple years. I'm going to continue re-reading the Tortall books and eventually read the newer ones that I haven't read yet (Trickster's Queen and the other new one with the last female knight before Alanna). :D

Anyway, yeah. Nothing exciting, except being over worked. I spend most of my online time at Facebook. :p I still ♥ Livejournal. Facebook just has more to do. :D

XD Bye~!
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